I was sitting in my office thinking to myself; if I had to give up one of my physical abilities what would it be?

My hands?  No I would want to have them to drive and hold my camera.  They are nice to have when I want to prepare something to eat, hug my wife, children and grandchildren.  And they do have so many other useful and meaningful purposes.

My Feet/Legs?  No! I so enjoy being able to get around without the assistance of nothing more than my Cadillac Deville;  just for me nothing is sexy about a wheelchair or cane #IJS

My Eyes? Nope cannot be a photographer or graphic designer without the ability to see… and there is no app to download to overcome that… well at least not yet…

Brain operating correctly?  Never!  The capicity to think clearly and creativily is what keep us sane… Nothing worse than a brainless wonder… Walking around without a clue.

My Voice?  If I had to make a choice it would be this ability.  Why because I would still have the ability to learn sign language and the ability to write, or type and maybe even to give voice to what I write or sign.

But most of all I would still have the ability to give speak to the world through my photography.

By way of what I see and create with thought provoking images from my lens.  Powerful  images within photography have the ability to speak to those who view them.  They say something to them, paints an image in their Cerebral cortex which arepericing and penterating;  and at times will evoke powerful emotion in and from them.  If anything this is the one thing I seek to do with my photography – GIVE IT A POWERFUL VOICE!


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