The Power of Photography

I often stop to think about what the effects of my photography will have on those who I photograph and those who view my captures.   I would like to be able to tell those who view them the story behind the photograph.  Some of the most awesome captures I have, were candid shots; they were moments frozen in time for all to see.   A split second freezed frame and the emotion and beauty of the photo is there for other to see and awe over.   I resently read a blog of my photomate Leighton DaCosta  http://ldacostaphotography.wordpress.com/   where he highlighted a great blog entry by Scott Bourne http://photofocus.com/2011/01/07/five-ways-to-know-your-photos-arent-cutting-it/ all 5 points I honestly could relate to, because I have for 5 years now employed them into what I do as a photographer.   But point 5 was one that made me laugh out loud.     5. Your Photos Aren’t Cutting It if you yourself haven’t spent any real time studying the work of other successful photographers.

It is for a very important point.. I know I know we all want to think that we are able to develop and create something new, but the fact of the matter is everything that can be done has been done.   The real challenge is to DO IT BETTER…

I would like to add a point to it:  6. Your Photos Aren’t Cutting It if it does not evoke strong emotions from those you photograph and those who view it!  DO NOT SETTLE FOR “AVERAGE” IT WILL DO PHOTOS.   WORK UNTIL YOU GET THE TYPE OF PHOTOS THAT HAVE POWER TO THEM… 

That being said I guest I would have to develop an article that says 6 ways to know your photos are not cutting it…. but then someone would come up with reason number 7…

Specail thanks to Scott for starting the dialog…..


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