Who Is That In My Way?

I often tell my Bride and Groom the importance I place of the day of their wedding.  With the advent of portable cameras and camera phones it is difficult to ensure exclusive coverage at such events.  Everyone wants to take pictures for their family members to see and or for their online page etc…

At a wedding in Savannah Ga on October 10, 2010 one of the guest asked the Bridesmaid a question, “Who is that guy with the hat on, he keeps getting in my way?!” her reply, “You mean the guy who is the official photographer for the wedding?”

How often it is that people forget that at most wedding somebody may be paid to capture moments of such an important event.  Years will go by, but the moments frozen by my lense will continue to give years of smiles and even laughing out loud.

Proper lighting, angles and a creative eye is what I provide to my clients and awesome wedding day captures as well as stunning post work to make sure they will have frozen moments that causes them to say WOW!

So when you are at the next wedding or event; please be on the look out for the man or woman who just may be the people hired to capture those moments frozen in time…. AND MAKE SURE YOU STAY OUT OF HIS/HER WAY !



One response

  1. James,

    Well said. It’s amazing how some people forget that the wedding is truly about the Bride & Groom. They also fail that the couple hires professionals to ensure their visions and dreams are captured. We’re not trying to hassle the guests, interupt their fun, or anything of the sort. We are merely doing what we were hired to do.

    October 21, 2010 at 1:10 PM

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