The Cost…

The Cost….

I am still amazed that people really think they should be able to come to a professional photographer and get better prices than they would going to places like the mall or other established retail photography sources.    

        Where do I start? How can I explain to the customer what it takes to be very good at what most people think anybody can do?  With the advent of camera phones, pocket cameras; both which provides the takers of the photo instant satisfaction of seeing what they have captured…

          I am equally amazed at how creative I can and am when it comes to photography; for more than 35 years I have considered myself more of an intellectual (geared more to the reading, leaning and teaching side of life).   I love to read but only inspirational, motivational and non –fictional sources.   I look for things that add to the quality of my life and the lives of those around me.   

           I started photography out of a love for the formation of clouds; the sky is what turned me on… it still has my attention.  After learning how to repair a jet engine for the Navy, I thought to myself one day… “If I can repair a jet engine I should be able to build a computer.”  So I learned how and started building my own personal computers. Years later I got certified to diagnose, repair, built PC’s.  

          Then I started learning more about computer programs from the standpoint of how to use them.  While serving as a Navy Career Counselor I had to produce reports for the Commanding Officer, Department Heads, Chiefs, and Leading Petty Officers.    Harvard Graphics was a very popular program with the Navy as well as Word Perfect and later Office Word.   I had some of the best reports because I made it easy for the reader.

        In any case years later this would allow me the skill set to be of help to a photographer, who is responsible for me being a full time photographer now.

        So now I am a fulltime photographer and because I have developed my portfolio I very rarely have to shoot for free (TF – Time For I.E. PHOTO, CD, PRINTS) for the purpose of developing my portfolio.   Yet as photographer there are times when I see someone that I want to photograph… but that is my choice.

            So how do you put a price on years of experience and keeping up with new technologies?  The hours of training, reading and testing out processes and theory?   I am typing this blog entry and watching a photography training video – multitasking at it best.  

                So here is the punch line… when you contact a photographer  telling  him or her about how much you like their work,  and ask for the price of a photo shoot, event, or headshots; do not insult them by telling them how over priced their rates are.   “You will do better to say I cannot afford that at this time”, or “That is more than I am able to pay.”   The COST is based on a lot of other factors… 



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  1. Good Post. The one thing to convey to a client, is that YOU the photographer do not offer them a PRICE… That is for Olan Mills, JCPenny, and the picture people to offer them.

    You offer them VALUE for their dollar not just a price.

    September 6, 2010 at 4:14 PM

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