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Ok after 24 1/2 active Naval Service, 8 months of playing Golf, 2 years at Blue Cross Blue Shield (FEP Customer Service), 3 mos at Sears (Training and HR), 16 Mos at Medical Services Company (Pharmacy Department Trainer – my dream job at the time). I started full time as a photographer. I must admit I am a little surprised how creative I can be when it comes to photography. I have been a technical person since my late teens. Jet Mechanic for the Navy from age 18 – 29; another time I was surprised.. Complete Engine Repair on a Aircraft wow… before the Navy I was a Tae-Kwon-Do champion; skilled at my art and proud of it. I put in long hours to be the top of my dojo and in my division.

Being the Chief in the Navy was one of my greatest accomplishments and I AM STILL THE CHIEF.

My ability to inspire and motivate is a gift from God. The power of speech He has blessed me with is something I cannot get away from and at this time do not want to get away from it.

Photography gives me the ability to show others what I see through my lens. To capture a moment and freeze it for others to view the awesome look on a woman’s face when she is looking away, the smile in the eyes of a child, or the kid that is grabbing something to eat at a wedding.
The ability to bring to life the idea that someone has for a photoshoot theme. And my greatest joy; to have someone say, “No one has ever capture a beautiful picture of me like you do.” or “Is that really me?”

I want them to see what I see, to view themselves from a different angle, or to know that they can be as sexy as the women they see in magazines, heck I even had a male client marvel at how GQ he looked in front of my lens. But again that is THE POWER OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

So here are a few of my favorite site…


I will be sharing more through this blog

MJ Images Photography & Graphic Design 
Contact me if you are interested in my services:  904-347-1041 

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