Hello world!

     Not sure how long WordPress as been around, but I am glad it is my turn to discover it.    I guess it is Duggie Houser all grown up.   Yahoo 360 on Viagra …lol     An outlet for the many thoughts and experiences in my life…  Hello to everyone I am W James Hunter Retired Navy Chief, Husband of 30 years, father for 29 years and Papa for 9 years.  Ex Tae-kwon-D0 Instructor, Public Speaker/Motivator/Minster (heading back someday), Full Time Photographer & Graphic Designer (CEO of MJ Images Photographer & Graphic Design), Croporate Training (and damn good at it!)    

I will be blogging about my views on life (I will be 50 yrs of age May 31, 2010 – only for the grace of God), my life lessons, and for sure my photography…

My favorite quote … “The fear of failure will always exist, if you want to be a success you must take the risk!   
W James Hunter  (US Navy Retired Chief Career Counselor)   Sep 92

Ok I have to go for now, need to learn more on how to make this look and feel more like me….   MJ Out!! 

mjimages@wjhunter.org for Photoshoot Scheduling…  

checkout www.modelmayhem/13085  for a selection of my photographer work.


and on facebook as well W James Hunter 



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